Back in business: new lineup in CS:GO

Back in business! We're excited to announce that Hypermode has signed a new German roster in CS:GO. The mix of experienced and hungry players, who have already proven themselves playing for other renowned organizations in recent seasons, will compete in the upcoming season of 99 Damage League and ESEA League.    Lineup: Aaron 'aaroNNN' Dyroff  -  Marcel 'XCR_' Arndt  -  Batu 'wiz4rd' Albaba Max 'TODESTORPEDO' Schmidt  -  Todias 'Chuuuda' Ehrle    Marcel 'Madders' Winterhalter (Sub)

by Editorial Staff
September 3, 2019

Saying goodbye to our Rainbow Six: Siege Roster

Today, we would like to announce the departure of our Rainbow Six: Siege roster. They showed huge potential under the flag of Hypermode and we firmly believe that each of the players will have a bright future in the esports scene. Unfortunately, many things have changed for both us and the players. After conversing many times, we have collectively come to the conclusion to disband the roster in its current state, so that each and every one can go their desired way looking forward. We want to thank everyone that was a part of this journey for an amazing time…


Today marks a very special day in our history. We're proud to announce that the legendary sports brand hummel is part of the Hypermode family now, becoming our main sponsor. This partnership will enable our teams to unlock their full potential in game and allow us to compete at the level that we aspire to. hummel is known for its iconic chevrons and their way of doing things a little differently, always with a twist and lots of character. We feel that this is a perfect match for the Hypermode brand as we are sharing not only the way of…


We're happy to announce that Hypermode will enter the rift! We acquired Team Brain Drain, a young and promising team that plays the upcoming season of the Summoner's Inn League 2nd divison under our banner. This marks our first step towards a long term commitment to become an integral part of the European League Of Legends scene. We will establish new structures and staff throughout 2019 in order to support our players and continue to thrive.   "With League Of Legends being one of esports core titles, we were always looking for an opportunity to join the rift, but until…

Rebrand + Welcome to our new homepage!

Due to legal reasons we we're forced to change our name from Bitstorm Esports back to Hypermode. We can't go into much detail as of now, but we aren't unhappy with the rebrand. Hypermode was the place were we started back in 2017 and made a name for ourselves in the scene. Now, we are able to continue on that path with a name that we probably shouldn't have changed in the first place. And with that we are very proud to launch our new website! This platform will serve not only as a home for our players, but also…

by Ashen
May 3, 2019