We’re happy to announce that Hypermode will enter the rift! We acquired Team Brain Drain, a young and promising team that plays the upcoming season of the Summoner’s Inn League 2nd divison under our banner. This marks our first step towards a long term commitment to become an integral part of the European League Of Legends scene. We will establish new structures and staff throughout 2019 in order to support our players and continue to thrive.


“With League Of Legends being one of esports core titles, we were always looking for an opportunity to join the rift, but until now, it never really ‘clicked’ with any team we went into negotiations with. So we’re quite happy to have found a solid and promising roster that shares the Hypermode core values of dedication and passion.”, says Hypermode CEO Dusan Varcakovic



Toplane: Dorian “Darwin At Work” Dickmanns
Jungle: Bj√∂rn “Lagiah” Kalcum
Midlane: Max “Vavroni” Vavro
AD Carry: Ben “Felix” Sarach
Support: Timo “Tockimo” Bock

Coach: Kevin “KT” Tarakanoff
Substitute: Leo “Sentinel” Werner